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The ass and the lap-dog martie 12, 2010

Posted by alaandrei in Fables.
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A man had an Ass, and a very beautiful Maltese Lap – Dog. The Ass was left in a stable and had plenty of oats and hay to eat, just as any other Ass would. The Lap – Dog knew many tricks and was a great favorite with his master, who often fondled her and seldom went out to dine without bringing her home something tasty to eat.

The Ass, on the contrary, had much work to do in carrying wood from the forest or burdens from the farm. He often lamented his hard fate and contrasted it with the luxury and idleness of the Lap-Dog, till at last one day he broke his cords and halter, and galloped into his master’s house.

He tried to jump about his master like the Lap – Dog used to do, but he broke the table and smashed all the dishes upon it to atoms. He then attempted to lick his master, and jumped upon his back.

The servants, hearing the terrible noise, came to their master and drove out the Ass to the stable. The Ass returned there beaten nearly to death.“I have brought it all on myself!” he said mournfully. “Why could I not have been contented to labor with my companions, and not wish to be idle all the day like that useless little Lap- Dog.”

Misfortunes springing from ourselves are the hardest to bear.



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