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The Mice and the Weasels martie 1, 2010

Posted by alaandrei in Fables, Limba Engleză.
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The Weasels and the Mice waged a perpetual war with each other, in which much blood  was shed. The Weasels were always the victors.  The mice thought that the cause of their defeats was that they had no leaders to command  them, and that they were exposed to dangers from lack of discipline. So they chose some noble  Mice as leaders. Their leaders were known for their strength and wit, as well as for their courage  in the fight. The new leaders formed the rest of the Mice into regiments and battalions. When all this was done, the war started again. The new Mice generals bound their heads  with straws, that they might be seen by all their troops. Scarcely had the battle begun, when the Mice were routed and had to hide into their holes as fast as they could. The generals, not being able to get in because of the ornaments on their heads, were all captured and eaten by the  Weasels.

The more honor the more danger.



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