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Psalm 38 februarie 25, 2010

Posted by alaandrei in Poezie.
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Psalm 38

I praise You Lord because You saved me

And kept my enemies from gloating over me,

I cried to You for help and for the healing

You’ve answered to my cry – redeeming,

Restoring my entire life and being

And from the grave you lifted up my feeling.

I sing my praises to you Lord and God,

Remembering all things that you have done,

Your anger lasting only for a moment

But goodness for a lifetime as a monument

Tears flooding all my soul by night

But joy comes in the morning…

You changed my sadness into joyful dance

You took away my sorrow fence

I cannot keep my heart in silence

I have to shout so that all people notice

Lord you are my God, You are my defense

I will forever give You thanks…



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