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An Old Woman had lost her eyesight and asked a Physician to help her in her trouble. She promised to give him a good sum of money if he should cure her blindness. She also said  she would give him nothing if her blindness remained. This agreement was made in the presence  of witnesses.

The Physician visited her several times a week and applied his medicine to her eyes. On  every  visit he took something away, and thus little by little stole all her property. When he had  got all she had, he healed her and demanded the promised payment.  The Old Woman, when she recovered her eyesight and saw none of her goods in her  house, could give him nothing. The Physician went on demanding his money, and finally  summoned her before the judge.  The Old Woman, standing up in the court, argued, ”This man here speaks the truth in what he says; for I did promised to give him a sum of money if I should recover my eyesight: but if I continued blind, I was to give him nothing. Now he says that I am healed. But I know  I am still blind, because when I could see well, I saw a lot of things in my house. Now this man swears I am cured of my blindness, but I am not able to see a single thing there”.

One story is good, till another is told.



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